Lan.Event FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (As a Host) 

Q1: How to get started as a Host?

The host create events. Before you can host an event, you need to fill the form Join as a Host and chose the date for your event, preferably 2 weeks after filling the form; for example, if you created an event on the 1st of January, please select a date for your event not before the 15th of January.


Q2: I joined as a Host, what next?

After you joined as a host, we will contact you via the phone number provided or the email (please make sure to enter the right information). We will confirm the date, time, and topic of your event with you, upload your event on our website, and start promoting it for you.


Q3: What are the event options?

Host can create as much events as they want, control the number of people to attend, and set a price for their event (minimum 1$). 


Q4: How to edit an event?

We will be always ready to help you modifying and editing the content of your event. Please contact us and we will do it for you.


Q5: How to cancel an event?

To cancel your event, please contact us. The ticket price will be refunded to the attendees.


Q6: How do I get paid of my events as a host?


Lan.Event hold the payment done through our platform until the event is done (in case of event canceled, the refund is done automatically). After the event finished, we will send you the tickets price (minus paypal fees) to your account. We also upload a support link on your event for people who liked your content and want to support you with extra money. The money collected from the support is automatically sent to your account (The company does not take any fees).


Q7: My event got reported, what to do?

If your event got reported by a user, we will review your content in under 48 hours. If we deem your event to have aggressive content that encourages hate, crime, or sexual assaults, we will stop you from uploading any further event. Legal actions shall be taken if required by our legal team.


Frequently Asked Questions (As an Attendee) 

Q1: How can I join an event?

Joining an event is easy, just browse the list of available events on our platform and select the topic you are interested in. Once you found the event you like, just click on it and pay the ticket fees (Via PayPal or credit card using PayPal platform). Once the payment is done, we will send you a direct link to the event and you can join using Zoom application on the date and time of the event.


Q2: What do I need to join an event?

In order to join an event, you must have zoom application (either on you phone, tablet, or computer). You shall participate in the event as well and communicate with the host, so please check you camera and microphone settings before joining the event. Also, please make sure to check the requirement of the event set by the host at the event description; for example, some events are about technical topic, so it requires a certain background so be able to join.


Q3: The event got canceled, do I get refunded?

Yes, if the event got canceled by the host, you will be refunded the ticket price minus PayPal fees.